“Stop Corruption” in Equatorial Guinea

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Stop Corruption

Corruption is a cancer that erodes citizens' confidence in their government, wastes money that should be invested in the long-term development of the country, and ultimately undermines human rights by reinforcing social inequality and perpetuating poor living conditions.

Citizens can and should play a central role in curbing corruption. Citizen participation is critical for strengthening institutions and building a more democratic system. As part of this effort, citizens must be willing to identify and report corruption, thereby placing pressure on the government to prosecute and punish such offenses. 

President Obiang has proposed the creation of an Accountability Office to fight corruption. If created, this agency could provide certain benefits to Equatoguineans, but more can and must be done to build a better democracy and to fight corruption in the country.

With this in mind, EG Justice has initiated the Stop Corruption campaign.

The campaign aims to root out corruption and promote transparency in public agencies and government institutions. By identifying concrete instances of corruption, we can highlight the need for government reform and isolate the specific sectors most in need of such reform.

The goals of the campaign are:

  • To encourage citizen participation in denouncing corruption acts.
  • To promote transparency in the public sector.
  • To promote a better judicial system in terms of prosecuting and punishing crimes of corruption.
  • To strengthen democracy and improve the quality of institutions by actively participating in the fight against corruption.


Denounce Corruption Here

Tell us about what happened to you. By recording corruption cases we’ll be better able to advocate for change and transparency in the government of Equatorial Guinea. Submit your complaint here >>



Analysis Corruption by Numbers

Click here to view a detailed analysis of corruption cases in
Equatorial Guinea that have been reported so far.




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This space was created to give people the opportunity to share videos about corruption issues or that are evidence of the corruption that is rampant in Equatorial Guinea’s government. Read the Rules to Upload Videos below before
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Video about Corruption

Beyond Sipopo
On the gap between rich and
poor in Equatorial Guinea.

More videos >>


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