News about arrests of youth from Rebola and the dismissal of a cultural center's management team are calls for serious concern.

The Equatorial Guinea government goes to greath lengths to silence opposition. This is the latest against CPDS Secretary General.

President Obiang's remarks at home suggesting that criminals should have their tendons severed are clear indication of his disregard for human rights, and tells a different story than that given to international bodies.

The following is a report on Human Rights and Equatorial Guinea's poor performance.

Ahead of the presidential elections in Equatorial Guinea, the suspension of CEID comes in the wake of other measures to crack down on independent civic activism in the country.

Economic crisis and the sociopolitical context: the solution lies on citizen participation and engagement. An interview with an Equatoguinean about the state of the country and the upcoming elections.

US Department of State releases report on Human Rights in Equatorial Guinea.

Gender-based violence and discrimination against women are endemic in Equatorial Guinea despite international commitments made by the government.

The illegal arbitrary arrest Mr. Asumu and Mr. Okenve is yet another example of the Equatoguinean Government’s disrespect for basic human rights.

The arrest of the cartoonist, Ramón Nsé Esono Ebalé, is the latest episode of government retaliation against artists who have used their work to criticize the government.

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