A French court has ruled against Teodoro Obiang's libel suit against a NGO that accused him of corruption and labeled him a dictator. 

UNESCO decides to once again suspend consideration of the controversial UNESCO-Obiang prize. 

As Equatorial Guinea celebrates its independence, human rights violations, including holding people hostage, arbitrary arrest and incommunicado detention without charge or trial, continue.

Lawsuits were filed in the U.S. in October 2011 against President Obiang and his son Teodoro. 

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation has released its 2011 index, which assesses governance performance in African countries. Included here is the index for Central Africa. 

Transparency International has released the 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index. Equatorial Guinea is ranked 172 out of 182.

The government of Equatorial Guinea is spending $77 million to construct a new luxury presidential guest house and $19 million on a new Basilica.

President Obiang has announced that over $500,000 will be distributed to his party's supporters as a holiday "gift".

The author argues that Equatorial Guinea lacks a system of public administration.

The Leon H. Sullivan Foundation already mishandled President Obiang's presence at its annual awards banquet. Is the foundation polishing President Obiang's image by letting him host its next summit?

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