Cartoons vs. Dictatorships

Cartoons vs. Dictatorships

Rowan Moore Gerety 22 de Enero, 2016
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“Dictators and their inner circles have always made easy targets for cartoonist.” That is the premise of the article by Rowan Moore Gerety, called Comics Without Captions: Can a cartoonist help unseat a dictator?, published in “VQR: A National Journal of Literature & Discussion.”

Moore Gerety gives an inside look on the art and philosophy behind Ramon Esono, an artist from Equatorial Guinea, living in exile. “For Esono, who was not yet two when Obiang seized power in a coup in 1979, comics are the best and perhaps only avenue to undermine a dictator who has ruled over his country for close to forty years. Whether you want to read or not, whether you’re literate or not, Esono says, images can’t be ignored.”

Read the article here.

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