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United Nations Development Programme
January 1, 1986

1986 report that includes all social development in Equatorial Guinea up until that year.

United Nations Economic and Social Council
July 1, 1986

Resolutions of the Council. considering that the conclusions and recommendations of the expert appointed by the Secretary-General pursuant to Council resolution 1984/36 concerning his most recent mission to Equatorial Guinea indicate that more needs to be done by the United Nations and the Government of Equatorial Guinea to implement and make better use of the plan of action proposed by the United Nations and accepted by the Government of Equatorial Guinea

African Union
October 21, 1986

The Charter represents a declaration made on the part of members of the African Union to promote human rights among all people and to establish bodies to ensure these rights in member countries. Further, the Charter calls for the eradication of all forms of colonialism in Africa while promoting international cooperation.

Lingua, Volume 68 (2-3)
John M Lipski
March 1, 1986

Many current theories of Hispanic dialectology implicate the influence of African phonotactic patterns on the evolution of Latin American Spanish, particularly as regards the behavior of syllable-final consonants. This study offers a unique test case which permits the separation of external phonotactic influences from the original dialectal base brought from Spain to Latin America. In this fashion, it is possible to more adequately model the interaction of phonological patterns which shaped the evolution of European languages transplanted to the Americas, since the prototype situation may in principle be extended to other language-contact environments.

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