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Augusto Iyanga Pendi
January 1, 1991

Description of the traditional way of life of the Ndowe people of Equatorial Guinea. Analysis of the types of tribes, clans and the habitat in which these people live.

Augusto Iyanga Pendi
January 1, 1991

List and descriptions of common first names used by the Ndowe people of Equatorial Guinea.

Augusto Iyanga Pendi
January 1, 1991

Phrases, grammar, spelling, and syntax of the Ndowe language used by the Ndowe people of Equatorial Guinea.

UN Comission on Human Rights
March 8, 1991

Additional information submitted by Fernando Volio Jimenez supplementing his report on his mission to Equatorial Guinea

Robert E Klitgaard
April 2, 1991

Set as a ʺgripping adventure story,ʺ this book reveals the story of one man's trials and tribulations with trying to do development work in Equatorial Guinea. In the end, the book emphasizes why such work is impeded and why the country continues to experience lackluster improvement.

Randall Fegley
February 2, 1991

This article provides a summary of the human rights violations committed during the Macias regime, discusses the near total absence of international condemnation of the Macias regime, and suggests that post-Macias Equatorial Guinea presents an important test for the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

Louis Perrois, Marta Sierra Delage, Roger Marshall, and Barry Kench
April 5, 1991

The Fang Tribe is one of the better known tribes of Equatorial Guinea. This book attempts to detail the contributes the Fang Tribe has had on art in Equatorial Guinea.

Jacint Creu
November 23, 1991

This book provides detail about various songs and stories of the Ndowe people's oral tradition.

Nigeria National Boundary Commission
Ibrahim K Sundiata
March 2, 1991

Paper written for the Nigeria - Equatorial Guinea Transborder Cooperation Workshop in 1991.

Government of Equatorial Guinea
May 6, 1991

Letter containing the report of the 20th ministerial meeting of the United Nations Standing Advisory Committee on Security Questions in Central Africa. Analyzes the security and stability of Central African countries, including Equatorial Guinea

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