Information Center: 11/2003

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Government of Equatorial Guinea
November 12, 2003

General document on the society, peoples, politics, economy, and geography of Equatorial Guinea submitted by the Government of Equatorial Guinea submitted to the UN Human Rights Instruments.

Government of Equatorial Guinea
November 6, 2003

Letter containing the report of the 20th ministerial meeting of the United Nations Standing Advisory Committee on Security Questions in Central Africa. Analyzes the security and stability of Central African countries, including Equatorial Guinea

Reportes without Borders
November 12, 2003

Rodrigo Angue Nguema, the AgenceFrance-Presse stringer in Malabo, was released on 11 November after being held for eight days at the city’s main police station. He was arrested at his home on 3 November after he filed a story on 29 October reporting rumours that a coup d’état had been foiled. He remains under legal investigation, his lawyer said.

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