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Multinational Monitor
July 1, 2004

Report detailing corruption by Riggs Bank, based in Washington D.C., in relation to over 60 bank accounts for the government of Equatorial Guinea. This report raises questions as to what should be done about this matter while detailing further corruptions made by the bank.

Government of Equatorial Guinea
July 14, 2004

Letter containing the report of the 21st ministerial meeting of the United Nations Standing Advisory Committee on Security Questions in Central Africa. Analyzes the security and stability of Central African countries, including Equatorial Guinea

Richard B. Schmitt, and Kathleen Hennessey
July 15, 2004

This article reports on the investigation of payments made by American oil comments to the family and friends of the president of Equatorial Guinea.

Rebecca Leung
July 18, 2004

An overview of the political and economic situation in Equatorial Guinea, with emphasis on the country's lack of social development despite its incredible wealth.

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