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Guerra-Neira A, Rubio JM, Royo JR, Ortega JC, Auñón AS, Diaz PB, and Llanes AB
June 19, 2006

In this paper we analyse the Plasmodium sp. prevalence in three villages with different isolation status on the island of Bioko (Equatorial Guinea) where malaria is a hyper-endemic disease. We also describe the genetic diversity of P. falciparum, using several plasmodia proteins as markers which show a high degree of polymorphism (MSP-1 and MSP-2). The results obtained from three different populations
are compared in order to establish the impact of human movements and interventions.

David Wallechinsky
March 5, 2006

As the title of the book indicates, this book details the 20 worst living dictators in the world currently. Teodoro Obiang Nguema, current President of Equatorial Guinea, is among those listed and analyzed.

Eduardo Cue
September 17, 2006

This article examines the growing relationship between the United States and the government of Equatorial Guinea as it became an exporter of petroleum.

Cano J, Descalzo MA, Moreno M, Chen Z, Nzambo S, Bobuakasi L, Buatiche JN, Ondo M, Micha F, and Benito A
March 23, 2006

Malaria transmission changes from one country to another. Also, there are many differences between time and space in another country. The purpose of this study was to determine the geographic variability of entomoloical parameters.

Benjamin T Watson
January 29, 2006

ʺAs United States Africa policy becomes inextricably tied to U.S. energy security and the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), it becomes increasingly important to assess the U.S. military’s posture in relation to American interests. One particular African sub-region that has only recently begun to capture U.S. attention is the Gulf of Guinea. In order to better protect its rapidly expanding strategic interests in the Gulf of Guinea, the United States needs to consider significant changes to its military posture in west/central Africa.ʺ

International Monetary Fund
June 23, 2006

Economic and social development indicators and discussions published annually by the IMF.

International Monetary Fund
June 21, 2006

An economic overview and analysis of Equatorial Guinea by the IMF.

F. De Paz et al.
March 1, 2006

A brief medical case study of an Equatoguinean boy with sickle cell disease who is diagnosed with malaria.

Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program
November 1, 2006

This report analyzes the current threats to monkey species living on Bioko Island and makes recommendations aimed at ensuring their preservation.

Government of Equatorial Guinea
November 3, 2006

All Hydrocarbon reservoirs that exist in the surface and subsoil areas of Equatorial Guinea, including its inland waters, territorial waters, exclusive economic zone and Continental Shelf are the exclusive property of the State and therefore public domain goods. This Law sets forth the access rules for the execution of Petroleum Operations in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea.

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