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Leung, Rebecca
August 13, 2009

News article that discusses how the increases in gas pricing in 2008 and the constant conflict in the Middle East made the United States scour the globe searching for new sources of oil (Equatoral Guinea being one of them).

The Economist
November 3, 2009

Article from The Economist that talks about the elections in Equatorial Guinea. It describes the elections of 2008 and the way they were held.

Gavin P.; Samper S.; et al.
November 11, 2009

Our study brings to light the potential dissemination of this strain (named MDR-TBEG) in Equatorial Guinea, a country where little is known about the extent and features of TB or MDR TB. It also highlights that MDR strains can spread across continents, and thus MDR TB’s emergence in any country becomes a global problem.

García Espinosa B; Nieto-Bona MP
July 24, 2009

A campaign against cervical cancer was carried out in the area on a total of 1,680 women. 26 of the women, following cytological screening, were treated surgically with a loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP). Cases were studied histologically and were genotyped from paraffin blocks by applying a commercial kit that recognized 35 HPV types.

Cecchi G; Paone M; Franco JR; Fevre EM; Diarra A; Ruiz JA; Mattioli RC; Simarro PP
March 18, 2009

We describe input data, methodology, preliminary results and future prospects of the HAT Atlas initiative, which will allow major improvements in the understanding of the spatial distribution of the disease.

Ibrahim K. Sundiata
October 1, 2009

Examines the relationship, as the author refers to, the "Latin and Black Atlantics" in which Equatorial Guinea is currently situated in. An analysis of this relationship is given and examined.

Miranda Correia Amendoeira & Associados
October 9, 2009

An overview of laws and decrees passed in Equatorial Guinea between October and December 2008 pertaining to justice, state administration, and the country's 2020 Plan.

Juan Pablo Millet, Patricia Garcia de Olalla, Joaquim Gascón, Jordi Gómez i Prat, Begoña Treviño, M Jesús Pinazo, Juan Cabezos, José Muñoz, Francesc Zarzuela, and Joan A Caylà
May 22, 2009

This study compares Equatorial Guinea's malaria infections with those originating from the rest of Africa and to indicate whether there is conclusive data to illustrate they come from this ex-Spanish colony.

Human Rights Watch
July 9, 2009

An in-depth analysis of the history and politics of Equatorial Guinea that accuses the government of Equatorial Guinea of human rights abuses, corruption, and economic mismanagement.

Mario Esteban
September 10, 2009

In the last five years China has dramatically increased its presence in Africa. Despite its abundant natural resources, the notoriety of its political regime and its close relationship with Beijing, Equatorial Guinea is a glaring omission in the China–Africa literature. This article intends to fulfil that gap by analysing the bilateral relationship between Beijing and Malabo at both the official and the social levels to assess its impact on the development of Equatorial Guinea. As bad governance is the main obstacle for the development of Equatorial Guinea, the article compares the role played by Chinese companies and government in reinforcing Obiang's authoritarian regime with that played by their Western counterparts. It concludes that Chinese extractive firms play a marginal role in the financial extraversion that strongly links the Obiang regimen with US oil companies. Conversely, the Chinese government offers Obiang more extensive and stable support than Western governments to the extent that most of the undeniable developmental potential of Chinese co-operation is wasted through clientelist networks.

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