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African Union Commission, African Development Bank, and Economic Commission
June 27, 2009

The overall message of this report is that progress toward the MDGs remains on course, albeit unevenly across some goals and subregions. The report testifies to the fact that African countries, with the support of their development partners, are scaling up efforts to accelerate progress to achieve the MDGs.

Adolfo Obiang Biko
July 27, 2009

This memoir tells the story of Equatoguinean activist Dr. Adolfo Obiang Biko who was jailed unjustly in Gabon for 9 months and accused of attempting a coup d'etat to overthrow the government of Equatorial Guinea.

Aaron Segal, and Max Liniger-Goumaz
December 24, 2009

Review of the comprehensive history ʺSmall Is Not Always Beautifulʺ by Max Liniger-Goumaz.

February 1, 2009

This report examines the current situation in five countries in West and Central Africa with regard to fiscal space, with a view to identifying scope for the sustainable financing of additional spending on social protection. It starts from the premise that, although such programs may be desirable from the point of view of poverty reduction and politically and institutionally possible at sector level, spending decisions need to be taken from a ‘whole government perspective’, explicitly taking into account the need to maintain fiscal and macroeconomic stability.

Paul Bugala
January 24, 2009

Despite increasing oil revenues, Equatorial Guinea's wealth has not directly benefited the vast majority of its people. In fact, the worsening of several indicators - such as the infant mortality rate and the status of civil liberties, in particular electoral freedom - are showing that conditions have worsened.

International Monetary Fund
March 25, 2009

Economic and social development indicators and discussions published annually by the IMF.

Adam Roberts
January 1, 2009

In 2004, Nick du Toit confessed to an attempted coup in Equatorial Guinea. But du Toit and his co-conspirators had no interest in democratic change, only in the country's oil. In this book, Adam Roberts shows how the coup is part of a new scramble for control of Africa, a continent rich in natural resources.

Global Witness
March 1, 2009

Report by Global Witness that offers a critique on the practices of some of the major banks in the world who do business with corrupt regimes. Several countries are detailed in this report, including Equatorial Guinea, offeringin-depth analysis on what is currently occuring as well as what should be done about such banks.

Afro - Hispanic Review
Cécile Stephanie Stehrenberger
October 1, 2009

Focuses on Equatorial Guinea’s compliance with its obligations in relation to the fulfillment and realization of economic, social, and cultural rights. It presents and analyzes key indicators relating to the enjoyment of the rights to health, education, food, water, and housing, as well as selected indicators of state policy efforts. The analysis highlights key areas of apparent noncompliance by the state of Equatorial Guinea with the principles of progressive realization according to maximum available resources, prioritization of minimum core obligations, and the duty of non-discrimination.

Tutu Alicante
February 1, 2009

An editorial that highlights the important connections between government transparency, government accountabiilty, and democracy.

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