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EG Justice
October 12, 2011

As Equatorial Guinea celebrates its 43rd year of Independence, the Equatoguinean government should prioritize spending that addresses social needs and improves the wellbeing of its citizens.

EG Justice
October 4, 2011

UNESCO decides to once again suspend consideration of the controversial UNESCO-Obiang prize. 

Josep Anglada Bigordá
October 9, 2011

This article analyzes the use of coups, corruption and violence as strategies for governing in Equatorial Guinea.

Ken Silverstein
October 9, 2011

Since 2007, U.S. officials have been investigating the rampant corruption of Equatorial Guinea's dangerously debauched president-in-waiting. They haven't gotten far.

International Business Publications, USA
October 9, 2011

Business intelligence information for successful export-import, business and investment operations, strategic contacts and more. Updated annually

International Business Publications, USA
October 8, 2011

Overview of Equatorial Guinea intended for businesses interested in doing business in Equatorial Guinea

Government of Equatorial Guinea
October 15, 2011

President Obiang spoke at the closing of the Second Ordinary Plenary Session on the initiatives undertaken by the House and the celebration of the 43rd anniversary of independence.

EG Justice
October 2, 2011

You can help block the UNESCO-Obiang prize by contacting the heads of government of key African countries that sit on the governing board of UNESCO.

The Guardian
David Smith
October 26, 2011

Teodorin Obiang, the eldest son of Teodoro Obiang, the autocratic president of Equatorial Guinea, is the target of a US government court action to seize nearly $71m worth of assets allegedly siphoned off through corruption.

Amnesty International
October 12, 2011

As Equatorial Guinea celebrates its independence, human rights violations, including holding people hostage, arbitrary arrest and incommunicado detention without charge or trial, continue.

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