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Ken Silverstein
March 5, 2011

This article details the luxurious lifestyle that President Obiang's son, Teodorin, enjoys as Minister of Agriculture and Forestry of Equatorial Guinea. It further details his activities and the millions of dollars he spends which some believe come from corrupt activities.

Ken Silverstein
November 8, 2011

This article examines the discussion among senior U.S. officials regarding President Teodoro Obiang's status and whether he should be denied a visa into the country because of corrupt practices.

Josep Anglada Bigordá
November 8, 2011

An analysis of the political style of Obiang in comparison to Machiavelli's political theories.

Josep Anglada Bigordá
January 8, 2011

This article analyzes the cult of personality surrounding the former dictator Macias and current President Obiang.

Josep Anglada Bigordá
July 8, 2011

This article criticizes the politicians and diplomats of Equatorial Guinea who blame poor policies on poor statistics. Bigorda addresses the lack of statistics and the lack of effective responses to poor education, health, and poverty.

Transparency International
December 1, 2011

Transparency International has released the 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index. Equatorial Guinea is ranked 172 out of 182.

Joanna Boampong
January 5, 2011

This work undertakes a transatlantic study of writings by Donato Ndongo (Equatorial Guinea), Mayra Montero (Cuba and Puerto Rico), and Luis Goytisolo (Spain). It underscores the kind of post-colonial criticism that subverts Eurocentric discourses of power-as manifested in religious, scientific, and economic contexts-not merely by outright rejection but by engagement, coercion, and appropriation.

International Business Publications, USA
September 1, 2011

Information on the history, politics, foreign and strategic relations, development, relationship with international organizations like the African Development Bank, the economy, business, and more. Updated annually.

International Business Publications, USA
April 8, 2011

Offers an overview of geography, history, people, language, culture, traditions, economy, government, politics, constitution, places to visit, info for travelers and more. Updated annually.

International Business Publications, USA
March 8, 2011

Info on economic and political climate in Equatorial Guinea and overview of most important laws and regulations affecting businesses in the country and the region. Updated annually

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