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International Business Publications, USA
January 8, 2011

Basic business legislation, laws, export-import regulations affecting business, business climate and contacts. Updated annually

International Business Publications, USA
October 9, 2011

Business intelligence information for successful export-import, business and investment operations, strategic contacts and more. Updated annually

International Business Publications, USA
January 9, 2011

Annual overview of political & economic conditions in Equatorial Guinea, including foreign relations, energy sector development and communications.

International Business Publications, USA
April 3, 2011

Annual guide to conducting business and investing in Equatorial Guinea.

International Business Publications, USA
October 8, 2011

Overview of Equatorial Guinea intended for businesses interested in doing business in Equatorial Guinea

International Business Publications, USA
January 9, 2011

Yearly report as part of the World Business Information Catalog on recent economic and political developments and changes in Equatorial Guinea that affect the international business environment.

Guillermina Mekuy Mba Obono
April 3, 2011

A novel based on the true story of three women married to one man in Equatorial Guinea. Analyzes the personal repercussions of polygamy, both positive and negative, from a female perspective.

Great Britain, Parliament
June 24, 2011

This note provides a brief introduction to Equatorial Guinea, including UK and EU relations with the country. It is not comprehensive and will not necessarily be periodically updated.

Government of Equatorial Guinea
October 15, 2011

President Obiang spoke at the closing of the Second Ordinary Plenary Session on the initiatives undertaken by the House and the celebration of the 43rd anniversary of independence.

Dirección General de Marruecos y Colonias
January 29, 2011

Statistics from the general population census carried out by the Spanish colonial government in 1950

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