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April 13, 2012

Activist groups like EG Justice, Human Rights Watch, and SHERPA have called on the French Ministry of Justice to “move swiftly to issue an international arrest warrant” for Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue.

EG Justice
September 30, 2011

A French court has ruled against Teodoro Obiang's libel suit against a NGO that accused him of corruption and labeled him a dictator. 

EG Justice
March 27, 2012

On April 7, the United Nations will celebrate World Health Day, providing an opportunity for reflection on health and the progress that has been made to improve health care in Equatorial Guinea.

April 2, 2012

EG Justice was interviewed for Filthy Rich, a CNBC investigative report on corruption and money laundering. 

EG Justice
April 5, 2012

The trial of Dr. Wenceslao Mansogo concluded on April 5. A verdict will likely be issued within the next week.

EG Justice
February 10, 2012

The Leon H. Sullivan Foundation already mishandled President Obiang's presence at its annual awards banquet. Is the foundation polishing President Obiang's image by letting him host its next summit?

EG Justice
March 8, 2012

UNESCO's Executive Board voted today to approve a renamed UNESCO prize sponsored and funded by President Obiang.

EG Justice
November 17, 2011

A timeline of the 2011 constitutional reform process in Equatorial Guinea.

Reuters Africa
September 14, 2011

Four men sentenced to death after a summary trial in Equatorial Guinea on coup charges were executed the day after a team of U.N. human rights investigators left the country, one of the investigators said.

Mateu E, Comas D, Calafell F, PeÌrez-Lezaun A, Abade A, and Bertranpetit J
October 17, 1997

The hypervariable segment I of the control region of the mtDNA was sequenced in 45 unrelated individuals from Bioko and 50 from Sao Tome, two islands in the Gulf of Guinea that have had very different settlement patterns: Bioko was colonized around 10000 BP, while Sao Tome was first settled by the Portuguese, who brought African slaves to the island. Two different patterns of sequence variation are evident and are also clearly a consequence of their very different demographic histories. The Bubi present a low genetic diversity and it is likely that the island was colonized by a small number of individuals with small later migration. Sao Tomeans might be considered a subset of a mainland African population relocated to the island. They present high genetic diversity with a high number of sequences being shared with many continental populations. This study, with knowledge of the population history in island populations, strengthens the genetic approach to unravel past demographic events.

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