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United Nations

Resolution created by UN representatives in which security, human rights, and education is the primary focus to work on different countries around the world.

United Nations
October 30, 2000

Resolution created by UN representatives which aims to finish with all kinds of violence including violence against women, all around the world.

United Nations

Project of capacity-building in global public health. Resolution that includes plans for public health in different countries including Equatorial Guinea.

Inhorne, Marcia Claire

Description of the cultural politics in Egypt, how important is family, children and fertility in Egypt.

Magaz, Manuel Fernandez

Series of stories in which the narrative includes different scenarios. All of the stories take place in Río Abaá.

de Pineda, Manuel Cencillo

Story about the expeditation done by the Count Argelejo in 1778, the book narrates his experiences, investigations, and his expectations.

Alia Medina, Manuel

Study of the form of the land area of Equatorial Guinea.

Báguena Corella, Luis

Study of origins and traditions of the proper names of people in Equatorial Guinea.

Fúster Riera, Pedro; et al.

Analysis of the types of trees of Equatorial Guinea, the wood they produce and the uses for it.

Bacale, Lorenzo

Analysis of the differences of the Spanish language used by Fang people in Equatorial Guinea.

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