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José María Bueno Carrera
January 1, 1990

History of Spanish military troops inside Equatorial Guinea.

International Labour Organization
January 4, 1990

Series of laws, treaties and regulations dealing with labor and social security, including the general labor law of Equatorial Guinea.

Government of Equatorial Guinea
September 3, 1990

Equatorial Guinea's country presentation before the UN during the 1990 Conference on Least Developed Countries

John M. Lipski
April 2, 1990

Book analyzing the phonetic structure of Spanish spoken in Malabo and the implications for this dialect.

Ibrahim K. Sundiata
April 5, 1990

Equatorial Guinea has a troubled history. With this in mind, the author reflects on this history and evaluate its political instability and economic dislocation, while illustrating which obstacles it needs to overcome in order to be completely self-sufficient.

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