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Gerardo González Calvo
January 1, 2003

A book that analyzes a number of the challenges faced by African countries.

Isabelle Amsallem, Mette Løyche Wilkie, Pape Koné, and Michel Ngandji.
October 8, 2003

To highlight numerous efforts undertaken in forest management, FAO launched an initiative entitled ʺIn search of excellenceʺ to identify and document successful examples of sustainable management. This book contains analyses in the form of 14 case studies. The management practices identified demonstrate the evolution of the forest sector in Central Africa.

Diagram Group
May 5, 2003

Far from the usual vague photo-essay of Africa as one primitive place, titles in the six-volume History of Africa series provide a close-up, readable, accurate overview of the diverse African nations and their political histories. In Nations and Leaders , each of the 53 independent countries is showcased on a packed double-page spread, with a summary of the contemporary struggle for independence, brief profiles of important leaders, and a detailed time line.

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