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Agustín Velloso
September 12, 2008

Denounces the Obiang regime in Equatorial Guinea and criticizes foreign governments, particularly Spain, for ignoring the suffering there.

Nicholas Shaxson
July 9, 2008

Detailing the various African oil states, such as Nigeria, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Angola, this riveting book illuminates upon the history of oil within the African continent and the recent upsurge of key-world powers' interest in this region of the world.

Mbare Ngom
May 20, 2008

ʺMarvin A. Lewis is the author of a long list of books dealing with Afro-Latin American literature, a field in which he has pioneered and demonstrated unprecedented knowledge and scholarship. His latest book, An Introduction to the Literature of Equatorial Guinea, is his first incursion in the field of African literature, and to be more specific, African literature of Spanish expression. It is a pioneering study of the development of the literature of Equatorial Guinea, the only Spanish-speaking country in sub-Saharan Africa with a literature written in Spanish.ʺ

Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
John Lundberg
March 28, 2008

Thirteen papers on the taxonomy and systematics of catfishes from Africa, Asia and South America, including descriptions of one new tribe, one new genus, and 13 new species, and phylogenetic studies of the families Mochokidae and Amblycipitidae. Contents: New Species: “Synodontis woleuensis”; “Atopodontus adriaensi”; “Chrysichthys”; “Liobagrus”; Geographic variation in “Parauchenoglanis ngamensis”; “Nanobagrus”; “Glyptothorax plectilis”; “Pimelodus pintado”; The Venezuelan species of “Phenacorhamdia”, with the description of two new species and a new tooth morphology for siluriforms; “Gelanoglanis”; Taxonomic revision of extant “Doras” Lacepede, 1803 with descriptions of 3 new species.

Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel
January 1, 2008

In the surrounding area of the airport of Bata, two adolescent guineanos earn some money helping the passengers with their packages. One day Mba Abyss and his cousin are found with a much more tempting load: two hogs that were going to be loaded in an airplane and that, after being freed of their tyings, leave in stampede. Both youths, incited by hunger and the lack of so many good things in life, chase after them. But the owner of the pigs, a powerful person with various soldiers at his service, frustrates its capture, and as punishment, obliges both boys to get onto the plane. Thus begins the trip of the protagonists toward Malabo, the capital of the country, a place that they have never visited and where they are without family members or anyone who knows of their whereabouts. To their surprise, they come to find, that in complicated circumstances, they find their first loves.

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