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Mohamed Abdel Rahman Ali
January 1, 1973

Analysis of the economic history, current economic situation, and possible future effects on the economies of these African countries.

Andromeda Oxford Ltd
Jocelyn Murray
September 4, 1998

A continent constantly redefining itself, Africa is as diverse as it is majestic. The Cultural Atlas of Africa vividly depicts the rich culture, history, and geography of this vast land through a brilliant melding of text and lavish images. Up-to-date information and colorful new maps and photographs allow the myriad cultures of this continent come alive.

Gaurav Gajanan Desai
January 1, 2009

An important book that's becoming an indispensable theoretical and practical guide for teachers of the African novel and indeed of African literature in general.

Manuel Gomez-Pallete, S.J
January 1, 1968

Deep description of every African country. The Monographic Collection includes information about different cultures, languages, geography, economics, politics, and people. Great collection for those interested in learning about every country in the African continent.

José Díaz de Villegas
January 1, 1967

Casebook of geopolitics and geostrategy in many countries across Africa.

John McIlwaine
January 1, 1993

Classic African studies reference work that evaluates the leading sources of information (other than bibliographies) on Africa South of the Sahara published in English and French, and in a number of other European languages.

Gerardo González Calvo
January 1, 2003

A book that analyzes a number of the challenges faced by African countries.

James T Lawrence
February 8, 2004

The existence of human rights helps secure the peace, deter aggression, promote the rule of law, combat crime and corruption, and prevent humanitarian crises. These human rights include freedom from torture, freedom of expression, press freedom, women's rights, children's rights, and the protection of minorities. The book surveys the countries of Africa and is augmented by a current bibliography and useful indexes by subject, title and author.

Hans M Zell
May 31, 2006

Published in dual print and electronic formats, this is a new edition of a much acclaimed reference source that brings together a wide range of sources of information in the African studies field, covering both print and electronic sources. It evaluates the best online resources, the major general reference tools in print format, current bibliographies and indexing services, biographical, cartographic, statistical and economic resources, as well as film and video resources. Additionally, there are separate sections on African studies library collections and repositories throughout the world, a directory of over 250 African studies journals; listings of news sources, profiles of publishers active in the African studies field, dealers and distributors of African studies materials, African studies societies and associations, major African and international organizations, donor agencies and foundations, awards and prizes in African studies, electronic mailing lists and discussion forums, and more.

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