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Schwarz, Leonard John

History of how cocoa was used as a trade product by the french market, explanation of how cocoa was taken from Equatorial Guinea to France.

Josep Martí Pérez; et al.

Description of the oral history, oral traditions, and culture of the Bubi people living inside Equatorial Guinea.

José María Cordero Torres

Changes and evolutions in the social psychology of the dependnt countries around the world.

José Manuel Novoa

Description of a research trip into the jungles of Guinea in search of the secret bandjis society.

José Manuel Novoa

Diary of a lived experience in the jungles of Equatorial Guinea.

José Luis Cortes López

Photographs with history and description that show the african art.

José Francisco Eteo Soriso

Proverb collection, including traditional and actual proverbs used by Bubi people in Equatorial Guinea.

José Antonio Lopez Hidalgo

Final volume in Alfons Cervera’s trilogy. The overarching theme of the third book is memory, present in every page and unfortunately absent when Franco dies. The main voice is Felix, Sunta’s grandfather (the narrator of the first book), father of the baker Manuel and Miguel, who died after returning from the desert where he was stationed as a soldier. Felix is married to Maria and from the day her son died, she has been struck deaf and does nothing but sit in a chair in front of their house watching time pass. This marvelous work, written simply and poetically, is filled with fear, silence and above all, solitude. It is often said that wisdom comes with age so I encourage you to listen carefully to grandfather of the Yesares: If not remembering something is to deny its existence, then if you remember something it does exist and continues to exist, in your head, as if it were only yesterday.

José A. Moreno Moreno

Story of the ascents, and testimonies of the people who had the opportunity to go to the Pico de Santa Isabel.

Jaime Nosti

Description of the impact of the other spanish colonies or territories in the Gulf of Guinea

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