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Jacint Creus; et al.

Selection of 29 stories and articles, testimonies of explorers, travelers, missionaries and settlers, daily life in Spanish Guinea, its people, colonial life, the missionaries, legends and traditions.

J -P vanden Bossche; et al.

The Source Book for the Inland Fishery Resources of Africa (SIFRA) is a compendium, water body-by-water body, country-by-country, of information on inland fisheries and related topics. The overall objective is to promote inland fisheries management and development by providing comprehensive information on Africa's inland fisheries in a uniform format, readily accessible to planners, policy makers and fishery workers.

Frances Miller Cashner

Book that talks about the ecology, the environment and the way to conserve the area of Rio Muni in Equatorial Guinea.

Fr. Cristobal Torralba, Foncap, Manuel Fernandez Maga, Fsc

Book concerning the life and manners of Federico Ndama, a catechist teaching religion in Equatorial Guinea.

Constantino Ochaá Mve Bengobesama

The relationship between ʺHispanidadʺ and ʺGuineidadʺ is discussed at length by Constantino in Portraits of ʺHispanidadʺ. The author observes that ʺit is necessary and unavoidable to distinguish the indigenous reality of the tribes with Hispanic elementsʺ.

Chike Cyril Aniakor

Surveys the culture, history, and contemporary life of the Fang people of Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Cameroon.

Center for International Forestry Research

The objective of this book is to highlight the important role of NTFP in the well being of millions of Africans, and to bring African governments to work together towards securing the access and property rights of population. It overviews CIFOR which has initiated the project on world comparison of NTFP.

Carlos González Echegaray

Linguistic studies regarding Equatorial Guinea.

Carlos Crespo Gil-Delgado

In this book, Carlos Crespo Gil Delgado undertakes the task to get to know the black populations of the Gulf of Guinea, therefore he describes the geography, demography, somatic characters, morphological and anthropometric, ethnic characters, sociological (ranging from forms of family, relationship, religious, etc.), and grammar and vocabulary of the Bubi people.

Benigno Roman

Description, analysis and list of the types of fish living in Rio Muni in Equatorial Guinea.

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