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José Díaz de Villegas
January 1, 1967

Casebook of geopolitics and geostrategy in many countries across Africa.

José A. Moreno Moreno
January 1, 1952

History of the presence of Spain in Equatorial Guinea and its effects.

John Quigley
January 1, 2006

"The Genocide Convention" explores the question of whether the law, and genocide law in particular, can prevent mass atrocities.

John McIlwaine
January 1, 1993

Classic African studies reference work that evaluates the leading sources of information (other than bibliographies) on Africa South of the Sahara published in English and French, and in a number of other European languages.

Jesús Ramirez Copeiro del Villar
January 1, 2004

Book on the life of the Spanish colonists in Spanish Guinea during the forties, in Santa Isabel and in Bata, recollecting the incidents that occurred during World War II.

J. M. Capdevielle
January 1, 1949

Set of three reports and one essay on forestry in Equatorial Guinea, including topics such as conservation, animal species, and flora and fauna.

Groupe Jeune Afrique
January 1, 2009

This books talks about the potential market options that Ecuatorial Guinea has, and how its economy can become much stronger with greater foreign investment in the country.

Great Britain Department of Trade and Industry & British Overseas Trade Board
January 1, 1989

Book that talks about culture, history, religion, geography and traditions of the countries of Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Chad and Central African Republic.

George Thomas Kurian
October 1, 2006

This encyclopedia describes the national law enforcement and correctional systems of more than 195 countries across the globe.

Ciriaco Bokesa
January 19, 1987

"Foam Voices" is the first book of poems published by Ciriaco Bokesa Napo. Although this is his first book, it is mature because of his internal struggles which enable him to cross forbidden borders and demystify his own life through the lives of others.

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