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John Githongo and Tutu Alicante
May 31, 2012

An editorial by Tutu Alicante and John Githongo highlighting how President Obiang's efforts to protect his son from a legal investigation in France are a particularly blatant example of African leaders placing themselves above the law.

Tutu Alicante
February 3, 2012

An editorial that calls on Africa's leaders to demonstrate responsible leadership in the use of their countries' finite resources.

Joseph Kraus & Meredith Varela
February 27, 2012

Recent corruption investigations involving President Obiang and his son Teodorin highlight the desperate need for strong transparency rules in the U.S. and Europe.

EG Justice
Tutu Alicante
September 14, 2011

President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea supplants Qaddafi as Africa's longest-serving leader. Their longevity in power is not their only similarity. 

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