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Kofi Yakpo

Analysis based on extensive fieldwork in Equatorial Guinea based on the study of phonology, morphology, and syntax of the language.

Kai Schmidt-Soltau

This article focuses on the Congo River Basin. It reviews the only ‘official’ relocation programme in the region and evaluates different approaches of national parks in Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, and Gabon.

K Coterill; et al.

The recent success of Tertiary plays in the deepwater offshore central West Africa has generated exploration interest in underexplored Upper to Middle Cretaceous plays along the margin. Three areas are examined in this article, including: the upper slopes of western Ivory Coast, southern Equatorial Guinea, and northern Namibia.

Juan de Miguel Zaragoza

Essay that shows and describes how law is used by the Pamues in Río Muni.

Juan de Lizáur y Roldán

Course about Spanish Africa, series of conferences in which themes such as geology and physic geography about Equatorial Guinea are included.

Joyce MP; Pearson RD

An American woman who had lived in Equatorial Guinea was seen in the United States with intermittent swelling, pruritus, hyperpigmentation, and mild cutaneous atrophy of the right arm.

José María Fuester Casas

Complete study of the science of petrography around Equatorial Guinea.

Jonathan Stamp; et al.

By combining up-to-date research, the latest archeological discoveries, and extensive location scouting this video reconstructs the Great Pyramid with state-of-the-art CGI.

John D McEachran; et al.

Variation in body size, shape and clasper structure of specimens of Raja miraletus from the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Guinea led to a study of the morphological variation of this species over its entire known range: the Mediterranean, and western and southern Africa.

J. M. Fuster Casas

Study on the deposits of minerals and rocks found on the volcanoes of the Gulf of Guinea.

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