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F J Cabezas; M De la Estrella; C Aedo; M Velayos
May 29, 2005

A collection of epiphyllous bryophytes from Bioko Island was investigated. It contained 57 epiphyllous bryophytes, comprising 55 hepatics and two mosses. Three taxa, Cololejeunea eustacei Pocs, Colura calderae Pocs and Lejeunea halei Robinson subsp. africana Pocs, are new to science.

F Cazebas; C Aedo; M Velayos

A checklist of the Cyperaceae of Equatorial Guinea, comprising 95 species is presented in this article, analyzing specie by specie and stating their roots.

Eze JC

The purpose of the study was to determine the influence of the presence of a surgeon on the outcome of obstructed inguinal hernia at Mongomo, in Equatorial Guinea.

Begoña Escutia, et. al

We report the case of a four year-old girl from Equatorial Guinea who had been living in Spain for the last month. She presented several alopecic patches on the scalp. The direct study of the hair with 40% KOH showed an ectothrix infection and the mycological study revealed the etiologic agent was Microsporum audouinii. We present this case because of its rarity in our country and we point out the increasing interest of the imported tineas due to immigration from African countries.

Eric A Hanushek; Victor Lavy

The paper demonstrates the analytical importance of employing output-based measures of school quality.

Elke Krahmann

The proliferation of private military companies (PMCs), such as Sandline International and Executive Outcomes, has received increasing attention in recent years and with it the lack of effective national and international controls of the industry. This article argues that the extent of regulation concerning PMCs has so far been underestimated.

Elke Krahmann

Controversial cases such as the aborted coup in Equatorial Guinea and the employment of private contractors in the Abu Ghraib prison have brought the proliferation of private ‘mercenaries' to worldwide attention. However, the privatization of military security is more diverse and complex than generally suggested.

E Huguet; N Borrego, et. al

Allele frequencies for eight STR loci have been analysed in the Bubi population of Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea.

El Haouri M; et. al

Loa Loa filariasis or loiasis is a subcutaneous and bloody vectorial parasitosis. It is endemic in forest and swamp areas of west and central Africa. We reviewed 26 moroccan cases of importation. All patients had visited Equatorial Guinea. Transient and migratory edema with pruritus were described in all cases and seen in 5 cases.

Eduardo Arroyo-Pardo;

Nine Y-STR loci from the ʺminimal haplotypeʺ included in Y-STR Haplotype Reference Databases (YHRD) together with eight additional Y-STRs (DYS437, DYS438, DYS439, DYS460, DYS461, GATA C4, GATA H4 and GATA A10) were analyzed in a sample of 101 males from Equatorial Guinea living in Madrid.

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