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Agustín Velloso
September 12, 2008

Denounces the Obiang regime in Equatorial Guinea and criticizes foreign governments, particularly Spain, for ignoring the suffering there.

United States Department of State
May 5, 2008

A 2008 U.S. Department of State report summarizing the human rights issues that are currently perplexing the country of Equatorial Guinea.

Shaun Breslin, and Ian Taylor
May 2, 2008

This article seeks to unpack why it is that human rights has emerged as an issue in critical analyses of Sino-African relations. Whilst not seeking to minimise some of the real concerns and issues, we aim to contextualise the motives of much of the critique, particularly when it emanates from Western sources close to government. In short, it is asserted that material interests have long tended to dictate the capitalist West’s response to the issue of human rights when it relates to China and in this regard, Sino-African ties and the attendant expressed alarm over human rights is no exception. It is suggested that concern over competition, particularly over energy resources, has reintroduced human rights in to the diplomatic discourse.

United Nations
November 14, 2008

This is a report filed by Manfred Nowak, UN Special Rapporteur on torture, that outlines his findings on the use of torture in Equatorial Guinea. Nowak's nine day fact-finding mission, initiated by the government of Equatorial Guinea, visited several locations and institutions inside the country. Nowak reports a systematic use of torture by police and security forces.

Democracy Now
July 10, 2008

Democracy Now featured Equatorial Guinea in a discussion with former U.S. ambassador to Equatorial Guinea Frank Ruddy, and Ken Silverstein of Harper's Magazine. The segment on Equatorial Guinea begins at the 11:45 mark.

February 19, 2008

Highlights a series of training sessions for women organized by UNICEF, the Spanish National Committee for UNICEF and the Red Cross in Equatorial Guinea. These sessions allow participants to express themselves freely on HIV/AIDS and upgrade their knowledge on prevention and treatment of the disease.

Amnesty International
January 1, 2008

2008 report written by Amnesty International that offers a succinct analysis of the various human rights issues that are currently perplexing the state of Equatorial Guinea. Special attention is given to issues revolving around the following: arbitrary arrests, torture, unfair trials, the death penalty, and housing (forced evictions).

United Nations Human Rights Council
February 18, 2008

A summary of the findings of the Human Right Council's Working Group on Arbitrary Detention's visit to Equatorial Guinea July 8-13, 2007.

EG Justice
May 1, 2008

This policy paper assesses Equatorial Guinea’s 2006 Oil Law, how its provisions hinder intra-governmental and public oversight and accountability; and how, as a whole, it fails to promote the type of transparency espoused by the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative. It also offers succinct and constructive recommendations to the EG government to address the current deficiencies in the law.

Voice of America
Kari Barber
June 24, 2008

A video that highlights the significant gap in standards of living between rich and poor in Equatorial Guinea.

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