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United Nations

Resolution created by UN representatives in which security, human rights, and education is the primary focus to work on different countries around the world.

United Nations
October 30, 2000

Resolution created by UN representatives which aims to finish with all kinds of violence including violence against women, all around the world.

Books LLC

These books attempt to consolidate the differentiating material about the history of Equatorial Guinea about the given subjects listed in the title.

John Quigley
January 1, 2006

"The Genocide Convention" explores the question of whether the law, and genocide law in particular, can prevent mass atrocities.

George Thomas Kurian
October 1, 2006

This encyclopedia describes the national law enforcement and correctional systems of more than 195 countries across the globe.

Amnesty International
January 19, 1987

Brief report examining military law in Equatorial Guinea, the use of military tribunals, the justice system overall, and the use of the death penalty in military trials.

Robert af Klinteberg
February 1, 1978

History of the Macías regime, the atrocities committed and the constant violation of human rights.

Gustau Nerín
January 2, 1998

Book about the history of Equatorial Guinea and how people live with suffering caused by government repression. It discusses themes like government abuses, human rights violations and corruption.

Agustín Velloso
September 12, 2008

Denounces the Obiang regime in Equatorial Guinea and criticizes foreign governments, particularly Spain, for ignoring the suffering there.

Suzanne Cronje
December 5, 1976

Analyzes the atrocities committed under the Macias Nguema regime and discusses the lack of attention paid by the international community.

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