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European Union
April 14, 1999

The European Union notes with concern that the Parliamentary Elections held in Equatorial Guinea on 7 March 1999 have been carried out in a way to endanger the process of democratization which was started in 1991 and continued in April 1997 by the Agreement between the Government and the political parties. Serious flaws already had occurred during the weeks before the election, including unequal access to media, restrictions on freedom of movement and public meetings of opposition party members, and lack of independence of the National Election Committee.

European Union
June 17, 2004

The European Union welcomes the forthcoming opening of the new Parliament of Equatorial Guinea after the holding of Parliamentary and Municipal elections last April 25th. The European Union believes that the process leading to the opening of the new Parliamentary session contains both positive and negative aspects which the new Government should consider in the future...

European Union
December 18, 2002

The EU is concerned about the internal situation in Equatorial Guinea with regard to the democratisation process. In particular the EU regrets the way the elections were handled on 15 December 2002. The EU considers that the opposition was not represented in the elections in an appropriate way and regrets that opposition leaders remain convicted and in custody, or in exile...

European Union
May 4, 2000

The European Union welcomes confirmation of the date for the forthcoming local elections, to be held in Equatorial Guinea on 28 May 2000. The European Union is convinced that the local elections are one of the crucial factors in the country’s democratisation process and considers that constructive dialogue between the government and all political forces in Equatorial Guinea is the only way to promote that process, which is a fundamental condition for political, economic and social development in Equatorial Guinea as well as for the positive development of its external relations...

European Union
October 10, 1998

The European Union welcomes the measure of clemency taken by the President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea...

European Union
March 6, 1996

The European Union regrets that the presidential elections held in Equatorial Guinea on Sunday 25 February took place under circumstances providing no guarantee of the required freedom and transparency...

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