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A Herrero, C Aedo, M Velayos, and R L L Viane
January 18, 2001

A new species of Asplenium from Equatorial Guinea, A. carvalhoanum Herrero, Aedo, Velayos & Viane, is described and illustrated. This new species is similar to A. preussii Hieron., which differs in rhizome, scales and in the absence of gemmae on the apical part of the lamina. It is also similar to A. hallei Tard., which differs in frond morphology.

Crisantos Obama Ondo
December 30, 2001

The presence of vegetable oils, wild fruits, spices, medicinal plants, plant stimulants and melongos in the markets of Ebibeyín, Bata and Malabo of Equatorial Guinea have been studied, as remarkable non-wood forest products from these markets. The possible impact of the uses of these products on the natural environments are discussed. Some suggestions about the improvement and development of the non-wood forest products in Equatorial-Guinea are given.

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