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de la Estrella, Manuel; et al.
August 18, 2006

This study provides a checklist of the Caesalpinioideae (Leguminosae) present in Equatorial Guinea, comprising 52 genera and 124 taxa. Seven species are known from Annobón, 33 from Bioko and 109 from Río Muni.

F. De Paz et al.
March 1, 2006

A brief medical case study of an Equatoguinean boy with sickle cell disease who is diagnosed with malaria.

Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program
November 1, 2006

This report analyzes the current threats to monkey species living on Bioko Island and makes recommendations aimed at ensuring their preservation.

Noelle Francesca Kumpel
January 1, 2006

This cross-disciplinary study considers the complex and dynamic interactions between market, hunter, and prey along an entire bushmeat chain in continental Equatorial Guinea, thus enabling evaluation of the sustainability of the system under different policy scenarios.

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