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International Monetary Fund
August 12, 2003

Report that includes discussions on the economic developments of Equatorial Guinea that were based on information dated before August 12, 2003, it expresses the opinion of staff members, no necessarily the views of the Executive Board of the IMF.

Cano J; Descalzo MA; Ndong-Mabale N; Ndong-Asumu P; Bobuakasi L; Nzambo-Ondo S; Benito A; Roche J

The aim of this study was to predict the distribution and movement of populations of the tsetse fly, Glossina palpalis palpalis (Diptera: Glossinidae), in the wet and dry seasons and to analyze the impact of the use of mono-pyramidal traps on fly populations in the Kogo focus in 2004 and 2005.

Cabezas F.J.; De La Estrella M.; Aedo C.; Velayos M.

A checklist of Commelinaceae of Equatorial Guinea, comprising 46 taxa in 12 genera, is presented. The best
represented genus is Guinea have been gathered and checked.Palisota, with 11 species. Bibliographical references for Commelinaceae from Equatorial.

C Lasso; R Hutterer; A Rial

Eight species of shrews of the genera are recorded from Equatorial Guinea, four of which are new for the country. (Crocidura 5, Paracricudura 1, and Syvisorex 2)

Burhan M Gharaibeh; Clyde Jones

Article published by the American Society of mammalogists in which the mammalian species are described with general characteristics, its diagnosis, form and function, ecology, behavior, remarks, and reproduction.

Bruno Senterre

A list of Ebenaceae collected by the author (158 specimens) or reported from Equatorial Guinea is presented. There are 25 identified species, including 12 new record for the country.

Bonaventure Sonke; Marie-Noel Djuikouo K; Elmar Robbrecht

A distinctive new species of Calycosiphonia (Rubiaceae) is described and illustrated. It is endemic to the Lower Guinea Domain of the Guineo-Congolian Region, where it is restricted to south Cameroon and Monte Alén National Park (Equatorial Guinea).


A distinctive new species of Rubiaceae from Rio Muni, Equatorial Guinea, is described and illustrated. Leptactina rheophytica is the only rheophyte known in the genus. Its diagnostic characters are elucidated, its taxonomic affinities are discussed, and notes on its conservation status are provided.

Benedict John Parmentier; Ingrid Pollard; Alan Paton

Plectranthus inselbergi B. J. Pollard & A. J. Paton, is described from Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, illustrated and its ecology and taxonomic relationships are discussed

B Senterre; J Lejoly

This book shows the biodiversity of this forest and how important this is very for the conservation, moreover it is characterised by two species identified for the first time in Equatorial, Guinea: Engomegoma gordonii (Olacaceae) and Stachyothyrsus staudtii (Caesalpiniaceae).

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