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B Juste, and C Ibaez
January 29, 1994

Although having been long studied, the bat fauna of Bioko island (formerly Fernando Poo, Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa), is still little known. The species Hipposideros commersoni, Glauconycteris beatrix, Pipistrellus (P.) kuhlii, P. (N.) tenuipinnis, and P. (N.) cf. capensis are reported for the first time. Furthermore, the species Myonycteris torquata, Taphozous mauritianus, Nycteris arge, Hipposideros cyclops, Glauconycteris poensis, Mops (X.) spurrelli and M. (X.) thersites, previously reported as doubtful, are confirmed on Bioko. These results increase the bat checklist for Bioko island by 25 and it now includes 26 species

Aurelio Basilio C.M.F.
January 25, 1962

A scientific book about the environment and animals of Equatorial Guinea, particularly mammals such as monkeys, antelopes, large cats, etc.

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