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A distinctive new species of Rubiaceae from Rio Muni, Equatorial Guinea, is described and illustrated. Leptactina rheophytica is the only rheophyte known in the genus. Its diagnostic characters are elucidated, its taxonomic affinities are discussed, and notes on its conservation status are provided.

Benigno Roman

Description, analysis and list of the types of fish living in Rio Muni in Equatorial Guinea.

Benedict John Parmentier; Ingrid Pollard; Alan Paton

Plectranthus inselbergi B. J. Pollard & A. J. Paton, is described from Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, illustrated and its ecology and taxonomic relationships are discussed

B Senterre; J Lejoly

This book shows the biodiversity of this forest and how important this is very for the conservation, moreover it is characterised by two species identified for the first time in Equatorial, Guinea: Engomegoma gordonii (Olacaceae) and Stachyothyrsus staudtii (Caesalpiniaceae).

Aurelico Basilio, c.m.f.

Study and list of the types of birds living in Fernando Poo located in Equatorial Guinea.

Andrew Humphreys, and Siona Jenkins

Extensive Nile Valley information, including the best ways to visit the temples and tomb, besides useful travel tips for journeying to the oases of the Western Desert, Cairo revealed.

Amy Bucher; Patrick Prentice; Joe Morton; National Geographic Television & Film.; National Geographic Television.

This National Geographic Special shows treasures from the Cliffside of Tombs to the Valley of the Golden Mummies.

Adolfo Ortiz de Zarate López and Antonio Ortíz de Zarate Rocandio

Book published in 1959 that describes the different mollusk families that are in the island of Fernando Poo. In this book´s index you will find the different families and subfamilies that are defined throughout the chapters.

A Riaza; M L Martinez-Torres; R Ramon-Lluch; J Alonso; P Heras

The comparison with historical maps through a geographical information system facilitates the mapping of the temporal evolution of the coverage of different vegetation communities.

Emilio Guinea López
July 1, 1947

A lavishly and profusely illustrated treatise on the plant-life resources of Spanish Continental Guinea and neighboring territories in Central Africa.

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