Information Center: Economy, 1998

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Oil & Gas Journal
December 14, 1998

Article that discusses Equatorial Guinea's Ministry of Mines and Energy opening of a licensing round that includes all the country's offshore territory in more than 200 m of water.

Oil & Gas Journal
February 23, 1998

Atlantic Methanol Production Co.,let a $300 million contract to Raytheon Engineers & Constuctors to build a gas-based methanol plant on Equatorial Guinea's Bioko Island.

Government of Equatorial Guinea
May 2, 1998

Investment incentive agreement between the Government of the United States and the Government of Equatorial Guinea

International Monetary Fund
May 22, 1998

Economic and social development indicators and discussions published annually by the IMF.

United Nations Population Fund
February 10, 1998

A proposal by the United Nations Population Fund to allocate $2.5 million for 1998-2002 in support of a population program in Equatorial Guinea.

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