Information Center: Economy, 2003

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International Monetary Fund
August 12, 2003

Report that includes discussions on the economic developments of Equatorial Guinea that were based on information dated before August 12, 2003, it expresses the opinion of staff members, no necessarily the views of the Executive Board of the IMF.

International Monetary Fund
December 9, 2003

Economic and social development indicators and discussions published annually by the IMF.

U.S. Department of State and the National Intelligence Council
Bennett Freeman
March 17, 2003

Discusses the merits of why revenue transparency is important for both a given country and the United States government with special attention given to Equatorial Guinea as an example.

International Monetary Fund
December 9, 2003

Economic overview and analysis of Equatorial Guinea by the IMF.

The Economist
January 1, 2003

Even with the advent of huge oil revenues in such countries as Equatorial Guinea, the country still remains in poverty. The article discusses what occurs to a tiny state that is enriched with oil discoveries. A normative analysis is given.

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