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Icon Group International, Inc.
Philip M Parker
May 1, 2006

Analysis of the degree to which firms operating in Equatorial Guinea have fundamentally different financial structures and performance compared to firms located elsewhere

International Monetary Fund
Joachim Harnack, Sonia Brunschwig, M. Dow
June 15, 1995

The report was prepared as a background documentation for the periodical consultation with this member country. As such, the views expressed in this document are those of the staff team and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government of Equatorial Guinea

International Monetary Fund
James H. Cobbe
January 1, 1975

Countries with very diverse socio-political backgrounds are studied in this article. The International Monetary Fund researches and investigates about their economies, how they have developed and their future.

Groupe Jeune Afrique
January 1, 2009

This books talks about the potential market options that Ecuatorial Guinea has, and how its economy can become much stronger with greater foreign investment in the country.

December 9, 2011

The government of Equatorial Guinea is spending $77 million to construct a new luxury presidential guest house and $19 million on a new Basilica.

Government of Equatorial Guinea
January 1, 2009

Set of regional trade laws of OHADA, whose objective is to understand the legal framework in force in the commercial and corporate fields in member countries

Government of Equatorial Guinea
September 3, 1990

Equatorial Guinea's country presentation before the UN during the 1990 Conference on Least Developed Countries

Economist Intelligence Unit
August 2, 2011

Country Risk Service is a comprehensive two-year forecasting service that monitors risks in 120 key markets. It is designed for commercial bankers, institutional investors and corporate executives who invest in both emerging and developed markets. The service measures political, economic policy and economic structure risks as well as currency, sovereign debt and banking sector risks.

World Bank
October 5, 1995

Report summarizing the results of a World Bank project to increase production of traditional and non-traditional crops. The project did not accomplish its major objectives and no sustainable development was achieved; consequently, the project outcome is assessed to be highly unsatisfactory.

Robert C Gard
March 8, 1974

Book about the political-economic history of Equatorial Guinea focusing on the story of Francisco Paesa Sanchez de Caballer, a fraud who almost succeeded in founding a national bank in Equatorial Guinea in 1969 with the consent of the president of the new nation. It illustrates some of the development problems of a newly independent nation cut suddenly adrift from a colonial power. This PDF contains chapter 26 of the original 27 chapter book.

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