Information Center: civil liberties, 2003

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International Bar Association
October 5, 2003

A detailed report that analyzes the status of human rights, rule of law, governance, and democracy in Equatorial Guinea. The report is based in part on field research conducted in the country in July 2003. The report highlights several areas of concern and offers a number of recommendations to the Equatoguinean government. The report is available in both English and Spanish.

United Nations Human Rights Council
February 25, 2003

The present report supplements the main report submitted by the Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers to the Commission on Human Rights. It reflects specific situations alleged to be affecting the independence of the judiciary or violating the right to a fair trial in a number of countries, including Equatorial Guinea. Further, it presents any replies received from the Government of the country concerned in response to specific allegations together with the Special Rapporteur’s comments and observations.

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