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United Nations

Resolution created by UN representatives in which security, human rights, and education is the primary focus to work on different countries around the world.

Bacale, Lorenzo

Analysis of the differences of the Spanish language used by Fang people in Equatorial Guinea.

Chike Cyril Aniakor

Surveys the culture, history, and contemporary life of the Fang people of Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Cameroon.

Carlos González Echegaray

Linguistic studies regarding Equatorial Guinea.

Carlos Crespo Gil-Delgado

In this book, Carlos Crespo Gil Delgado undertakes the task to get to know the black populations of the Gulf of Guinea, therefore he describes the geography, demography, somatic characters, morphological and anthropometric, ethnic characters, sociological (ranging from forms of family, relationship, religious, etc.), and grammar and vocabulary of the Bubi people.

Olegario Negrín Fajardo
January 1, 1993

Description of the education system in Equatorial Guinea, including an analysis of its history and how much of the colonial education model remains in the present education system.

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