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United Nations

Project of capacity-building in global public health. Resolution that includes plans for public health in different countries including Equatorial Guinea.

International Monetary Fund
August 12, 2003

Report that includes discussions on the economic developments of Equatorial Guinea that were based on information dated before August 12, 2003, it expresses the opinion of staff members, no necessarily the views of the Executive Board of the IMF.

Inhorne, Marcia Claire

Description of the cultural politics in Egypt, how important is family, children and fertility in Egypt.

Boussinesq, M. and J. Gardon

Several cases of encephalopathy recorded in Cameroon since 1991 were in patients with very high, coincident, Loa loa microfilaraemias who had been treated with ivermectin for onchocerciasis.

Moreno, M.; et al.

The purpose of this paper was to determine the frequency of knockdown resistance (kdr) mutations in the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae s.s. from continental Equatorial Guinea; and to relate kdr genotypes with susceptibility to DDT and pyrethroid insecticides in this vector.

Basaras, M.; et al.

The seroprevalence of hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV) and human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) markers was evaluated in a group of 2042 subjects from a rural area in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, to obtain a better understanding of the transmission patterns of these viruses.

Bhagwant, S.

We present information that will help identify B. studeri and provide a correct diagnosis. The case reports indicate gastrointestinal disturbances in human bertiellosis.

Blanco, M. A.; et al.

The aim of the study was to perform a molecular characterization of clinical isolates of Cryptosporidium species from Equatorial Guinea. Standard laboratory methods were used to identify 35 cryptosporidiosis cases among 185 patients.

Lejon V; et al.

Using the assay, the antibody profiles of paired serum and cerebrospinal fluid samples of 28 patients have been studied. Total concentrations of various Ig isotypes were determined as well.

Las Heras, Manso G; et al.

The objective of the present study is to know the type and prevalence of hemoglobinopathies and G6PD deficiency in sub-Saharan immigrant population residing in the center and south of the Maresme.

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