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A Toll; F Gallardo; M Ferran; M Gilaberte; M Iglesias; J L Gimeno; S Rondini; R M Pujol
June 23, 2005

Buruli ulcer in Western African countries over the past decade has been dramatic, it has been scarcely reported in industrialized countries. We report a patient from Equatorial Guinea who was human immunodeficiency virus-positive, presenting aggressive and multifocal BU associated with an underlying destructive osteomyelitis, in which only an aggressive surgical approach yielded to a resolution of the disease.

Harding S, Boroujerdi M, Santana P, and Cruickshank J
October 5, 2005

In preliminary data in Portugal, we found that African babies of migrant mothers were heavier than White Portuguese babies born in Lisbon. We investigate whether this pattern is replicated in the national data, and in addition the trends in birth weight in these groups. There has been a downward trend in birth weights in Portugal among both Portuguese and African term births, but average birth weights of the two groups were similar.

Holguín A, Alvarez A, and Soriano V.
May 1, 2005

Genetic characterization of HIV-1 was carried out in two women who originated in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea, respectively, and who were diagnosed more recently as HIV-1 seropositive in Madrid, Spain. Phylogenetic studies showed that the protease-encoding gene from both individuals clustered with subtype J sequences with a high bootstrap. However, env sequences clustered with subtypes A and C, respectively. This work represents the first characterization of HIV-1 containing subtype J-like genomic regions in Spain.

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