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Associated Press

The fanfare of the African Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea masks the underlying problems of poverty and repression.


The NGOs ONE and EG Justice denounced corruption linked to preparations for the African Cup of Nations.

Voice of America
Lisa Bryant

EG Justice and ONE are drawing attention to the poverty and lack of transparency in Africa Cup host Equatorial Guinea.

The Guardian
David Smith

The playboy son of autocratic president Teodoro Obiang will pay national soccer team players £1m and $20,000 per goal if they beat Libya in the Africa Cup of Nations.

The Economist

Constitutional reforms endorsed by President Obiang passed on November 13, but the outcome of the referendum has been strongly contested by local opposition groups and international human rights groups.


Profiles of Africa's five longest-serving leaders, including President Obiang who is first on the list.

Foreign Policy
Colum Lynch

The age of fiscal austerity has clearly bypassed Equatorial Guinea, an oil rich African country with a reputation for world-class corruption, crushing poverty for its people, and a multibillion dollar building spree for presidential palaces, guesthouses, and airports.

Deutsche Welle

Joseph Kraus, Program Director at EG Justice, speaks with Deutsche Welle Radio about the recent constitutional referendum in Equatorial Guinea and the alleged widespread voter fraud.

Global Legal Monitor
Constance Johnson

On November 13, 2011, Equatorial Guinea held a referendum on proposed constitutional changes. Official reports state that 91% of the electorate participated and that the proposals garnered 97.7% support.

EG Justice

EG Justice's Joseph Kraus speaks on the BBC's World Service about the constitutional referendum in Equatorial Guinea. 

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