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Officials in Equatorial Guinea say voters overwhelmingly backed a constitutional referendum this week that limits presidents to two terms in office, but the new law may not apply to the  country's current leader of three decades, President Teodoro Obiang Mbasogo.


Equatorial Guinea held a referendum to institute a number of changes to its Constitution. Opponents criticized the move as a grab for power.

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 Human Rights Watch (HRW) and EG Justice claimed Tuesday that Equatorial Guinea's recent referendum on constitutional reforms was rife with voter fraud.


Human Rights Watch and EG Justice said Wednesday that they have evidence to suggest a constitutional referendum in Equatorial Guinea was nothing but a sham.

Voice of America

Human rights groups are questioning the validity of Sunday's referendum in Equatorial Guinea, which officials say resulted in near unanimous support for proposed constitutional reforms.


The government of Equatorial Guinea touted a weekend vote for constitutional reform as an overwhelming success. It claimed that of all the 230,930 eligible voters, only around 2,200 votes cast were against the measure.


The Republic of Equatorial Guinea held a referendum on Sunday that would institute a number of changes to the country's constitution which opponents have sharply criticized.


A weekend measure that gives the president of Equatorial Guinea the right to pick his own successor shows the country is mired in nepotism, an analyst said.

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Carley Petesch

A weekend referendum on constitutional changes that will allow Equatorial Guinea's president of three decades to pick his own successor was marred by intimidation and stuffed ballot boxes, a human rights group said Monday.


Equatorial Guinea's main opposition have dismissed as a sham the referendum on limiting presidents of the oil-rich nation to serving two terms.

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