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Open Society Justice Initiative
NEW YORK (August 5, 2014)—The U.S. Justice Department is being urged to ensure that any settlement of its anti-corruption case against Teodorin Nguema Obiang, son of the ruler of Equatorial Guinea, protects the interests of the country’s people and others linked to the case. A joint letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, signed by the Open Society Justice Initiative and three other civil society groups, commends the department’s Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative for...
Tutu Alicante
"My home – Equatorial Guinea – is brimming with oil. But very little of the money from that oil is being spent on schools or hospitals or new jobs. It’s being spent instead on mansions, luxury cars, private jets and pageantry contests by our government officials. As a human rights lawyer and the executive director of EG Justice, an NGO devoted to fighting corruption in Equatorial Guinea, I’ve dedicated my whole life to change this. Today I’m...
EG Justice
EG Justice
Equatorial Guinea has applied for full membership to the  Comunidade de Países de Língua Portuguesa (Community of Portuguese Language Countries, or CPLP in Portuguese). However, the country should not be allowed entry unless or until it has fulfilled that organization's standards for human rights and civil liberties. You can communicate this to the leaders of CPLP countries by adding your name in support of this petition.

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