Collaborating With Artists

Collaborating With Artists

EG Justice May 7, 2012
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EG Justice is collaborating with young talented artists in Equatorial Guinea whose work challenges the status quo and focuses on defining the space for social justice in a repressive environment. We believe art can be a powerful tool for change in Equatorial Guinea, a country where newspapers, radio, and television are controlled by the state and internet service is limited. Art can penetrate these barriers to reach ordinary citizens and offer a different vision for what life can be like.

These artists are leaders and educators who shine a light on problems in their society and ask how things can be different.


In 2011, EG Justice launched the EG Justice Visiting Fellows Program; a project designed to expose Equatoguinean artists-activists to fellow artists, academics, and social justice institutions. Desiderio Manresa Bodipo "Mene" and Recaredo Silebo Boturu "Boturu" became the first two fellows to be hosted in the United States as part of this new program.

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Desiderio Manresa Bodipo

Desiderio Manresa Bodipo is a young painter whose creative style blends humor with sharp social and political commentary. Through the use of mediums like themed comics and public art displays and murals, his award-winning work aims to increase the levels of social consciousness in Equatorial Guinea about issues such as HIV/AIDS and malaria. Manresa Bodipo's paintings have been exhibited numerous times at the Spanish Cultural Center in Equatorial Guinea to great critical acclaim. His works are also part of the permanent collection at the Museo d´Art de Girona in Barcelona.


Recaredo Silebo Boturu

Recaredo Silebo Boturu is a poet, playwright, actor, and theater director from Equatorial Guinea whose work touches on themes of resistance, morality, and agitation within the context of his nation's folk and oral traditions. As co-founder and director of the theater company, Bocamandja, Silebo Boturu's work has been shared with audiences in Equatorial Guinea, Europe, and Latin America. His theatre workshops serve as vehicles of expression, voice, and empowerment for many citizens in Equatorial Guinea. Silebo Boturu is also a longtime poet and published author. His award-winning writing and cultural commentary has been published in the Afro-Hispanic Review and in both Equatoguinean and Spanish publications. His book of poetry and plays, Luz en la Noche, was published in 2010.


Ramón Esono Ebale

Ramón Esono Ebale, better known as Jamón y Queso, is a graphic artist whose comics and murals have won international acclaim. He has participated in festivals in France, Italy, and Cote d'Ivoire and his work has been displayed in Equatorial Guinea, Europe, and the United States. Esono Ebale's work often focuses on controversial topics in Equatorial Guinea, such as corruption, political repression, human rights abuses, gender violence, and pointed criticism of the current government. To reach his target audience, the people of Equatorial Guinea, Esono Ebale uses blogs and social media to share his work and mobilize supporters. His blog, Las Locuras de Jamón y Queso, features comics, essays, and art by Esono Ebale and other artists on current events in Equatorial Guinea. Jamón y Queso's latest project is a graphic novel called, "La Pesadilla de Obi" (Obi's Nightmare).

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