(Fox News) African Dictator's Son orders Luxury Superyacht

(Fox News) African Dictator's Son orders Luxury Superyacht

February 27, 2011
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A story about Teodorin Obiang's plans to purchase a $380 million "superyacht" despite Equatorial Guinea's high poverty rates.

The son of Equatorial Guinea's dictator of 30 years commissioned plans to build a superyacht costing $380 million, nearly three times what the country spends on health and education each year, a corruption watchdog said Monday. (...)

No action has been taken to sanction Obiang's son, despite pressure from groups including U.S.-based Equatorial Guinea Justice.

"To stop the type of large-scale theft of assets and corruption carried out by high-level government officials, that continues to make poverty eradication in African an unattainable goal we need the full cooperation of Western nations that provide the goods and services demanded by these corrupt millionaires," said the group's executive director Tutu Alicante...


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