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May 8, 2012
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EG Justice’s Executive Director Tutu Alicante spoke about the challenges confronting Equatorial Guinea at this year's Oslo Freedom Forum.

EG Justice’s Executive Director Tutu Alicante spoke at the Oslo Freedom Forum on May 8 as part of the panel, “Spotlight on Repression.”

Since 2009, the Oslo Freedom Forum has brought together global leaders and activists from different fields to discuss pressing humanitarian issues. This year’s theme “Out of Darkness Into Light” highlights lesser known human rights crises and repressive regimes around the world, such as Equatorial Guinea.

In his presentation entitled “In the Kingdom of Obiang,” Tutu discusses current problems in Equatorial Guinea, including rampant corruption, human rights abuses such as the detention of Dr. Wenceslao Mansogo, lack of democracy, and socioeconomic inequality, along with his personal experience as a human rights advocate and his belief that a better, more just future is possible in Equatorial Guinea.

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