Letter to the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation

Letter to the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation

February 10, 2012
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The Leon H. Sullivan Foundation already mishandled President Obiang's presence at its annual awards banquet. Is the foundation polishing President Obiang's image by letting him host its next summit?

On December 29, 2011, EG Justice sent a letter to the members of the board of directors of the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation to express our concern over the organization's handling of a Sullivan Honor accepted by President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea on behalf of the African Union. We also asked the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation to confirm or deny statements made by the government of Equatorial Guinea that the organization was planning to hold its next Sullivan Summit in Equatorial Guinea. 

Unfortunately, the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation has failed to respond to our repeated inquiries. 

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Note: Other organizations carrying the Sullivan name, such as The Sullivan Foundation, are in no way affiliated with the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation.

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