Obama Policy Recommendations

Obama Policy Recommendations

March 2011
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"Transparency and Accountability in Equatorial Guinea: Policy Recommendations for the Obama Administration" calls on the U.S. government to push for reform in Equatorial Guinea.

Equatorial Guinea presents the Obama Administration and the U.S. Congress with both a responsibility and an opportunity. Given the billions of U.S. dollars invested in Equatorial Guinea, the importance of maintaining access to oil in a stable environment, and President Obama’s commitment to reducing global poverty, the Obama Administration must strongly encourage the government of Equatorial Guinea to manage the country’s oil revenues in a transparent and accountable manner that can benefit all the people of Equatorial Guinea. The Obama Administration must pressure the government of Equatorial Guinea to take the steps necessary to rejoin the Extractives Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and to ensure the unimpeded participation of civil society in this critical process. Only then can oil revenues contribute to significant poverty reduction, long-term economic development, and improved quality of living for the people of Equatorial Guinea.

While the Bush Administration failed to take decisive steps in this direction, the Obama administration can do so by making support for transparency and accountability, political participation, and human rights—all of which depend on strengthening the rule of law and improving governance—the cornerstones of U.S. diplomacy in Equatorial Guinea. As recent events across the Middle East—most notably in Egypt and Tunisia—have demonstrated, respect for human rights and true democratic procedures are the only way to guarantee long-term political stability....


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