Obiang Seeks to Protect Son From Law

Obiang Seeks to Protect Son From Law

John Githongo and Tutu Alicante May 31, 2012
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An editorial by Tutu Alicante and John Githongo highlighting how President Obiang's efforts to protect his son from a legal investigation in France are a particularly blatant example of African leaders placing themselves above the law.

[Note: This op-ed was also published in Libération, a leading French paper]

If only African leaders put as much time, resources, and creativity into enforcing the law as they do trying to evade it. While politicians viewing themselves as above the law is not unique to Africa, African politicians seem to have turned it into an art form.

Now an African president is taking this artistry to another level by audaciously trying to place his son above the laws of another country. And he is shamelessly seeking to use an international organization to accomplish it.

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